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Characteristic features
Physically, a virgin marked with intact hymen is located in the vaginal area. The loss of virginity is usually accompanied by bleeding from the vagina that depend shape and thickness of the hymen during a first sexual intercourse. Islamically, virginity is not only still intact hymen, but each of the women who have never had sexual activity such as fingering, masturbation, and sepong. Chastity and honor of women for men who understand the meaning of honor not merely referring to the hymen, but the woman who never tainted speck of adultery. Typically, women who are not virgins before marriage gave a statement that he never marriage siri or has been the victim of an accident resulting in the loss of virginity. It is solely to cover her shame of the sin of adultery is never done, so that her husband willing to accept her as his wife and would love him wholeheartedly. The classic strategy is not effective for men esteemed conguered of various facets of life. In general, people are still affected by low knowledgeable ignorance publish entertainer entertainment fool people that easily influenced things that are not right. As a result of such ignorance, then disgrace and torment in his life would continue throughout his life.Detection
Many perception that describes the characteristics of the women who were virgins through the saw body parts such as the forehead, lips, buttocks, how to walk, stomach, and so forth. All such guidelines can not be used as a reference for certain and impressed superstition. Realistically, a woman's virginity can only be detected by investigating the state of the hymen had for sure.
The detection can be done by women who want to be examined are flat with legs astride position that can be seen clearly in the vagina hymen conditions. Virginity quality level can be judged from the shape of the hymen visible. Although there is still a hymen, but the damage would still be known if the woman had sexual activity in his life. Some sexologist often found hymen can be broken if the women doing sports activities such as bike riding, gymnastics, or other strenuous exercise. That assumption is not appropriate, because the hymen can only be broken if the vagina incorporated particular object or result in accidents, which certainly pierced vagina. Sexual behavior that involves the penis is the main cause for sure and tangible results in the loss of a woman's virginity.Western perceptions of virginity
Western world view that virginity is not identical with the sanctity of women as women is said to be a virgin if the hymen is intact its existence even though they had sexual activity, whereas the meaning virgin implied in the term Virgin Mary they mean the mother of Prophet Isa is holy woman is not limited to women who still intact hymen. Vagueness of the term due to the opacity of current thinking sanctity of human incomprehension maintain the honor of women in fact, previous teachings have started to disappear so that the teachings of Islam are trying to restore the traditions of the past begin to disappear with the return of the forgotten teachings.
Misperceptions about virginity has spread rapidly due to the Western world that are technologically more advanced, so that the spread is very powerful felt. Countries including Indonesia are still consumer class in many aspects of life. In the current era, the young and old in Indonesia have been influenced by the western world view that considers virginity still awake if the hymen is intact its existence, no longer even keep their virginity should young people in the Western world usually publicized in the media.The importance of maintaining virginity
Virgin very closely with the honor and dignity of women. Every respectable men crave virgin woman to be his wife in order to maintain the dignity and honor. A love to keep, happy, feed, and love wholeheartedly be built up because the husband feel peace has a wife who has not digagahi anyone other than himself. Logically man who was given instructions righteous life, men do not want to marry a woman who had been a former adultery. Although there has been a marriage with any element of fraud or not, women who are not virgins will live a wife should not be given their rights as provisions promised at weddings. Women who are not virgins tend to be divorced, and will be widowed. Once widowed and remarried, the woman would be still alive will not change as a previous marriage relationship. Marriage is based on a relationship of love and affection that had been promised when the consent granted will be hard felt by women who do not keep her virginity before marriage.Quality of virginity
Here is the percentage of assessed quality virgin sanctity based activity sins committed adultery in his life:Percentage StatusNever before copulation 50%Has not seen her nakedness 20%30% have not touched his private parts
Of the above percentage, virgin 100% are women who have never had intercourse during his life, his private parts in the form of parts of the body besides the face and hands have never seen even more touched by an unauthorized party before the wedding and have legally become her husband. If she had ever seen her nakedness, that means he is a virgin 80%. If she had ever seen and touched his private parts, that means he is a virgin 50%. This means that women while courting has demonstrated activity and allow private parts touched, it is 50% the quality of virginity has been lost.
Virginity quality greatly affects the quality of treatment against their husbands. Every man has the honor, intelligence, prosperity, and other good things certainly treat their wives as the guidance and teachings of religion, law, and ethics and aesthetics are determined to live a life in the direction of goodness.What is the meaning of virginityVirgin: When Questionable Virginity is a movie-themed virginity. Movies with considerable influence in influencing the perception of Indonesian women about virginity.
Some people think virginity is not an important thing. The following groups were not considered virginity a precious thing:

Men and women who do not care about the meaning of virginity because they are groups who do not understand the meaning of honor and dignity. They are people who are proud to commit adultery when courting a full theatrical drama filled his life as usual watch or read in the media. It all momentary happiness that is equivalent to the effect of the drug. In addition to damaging the mind, these activities also undermine the feeling that life is also damaged as a result.
Men who are spiritually, financially, intellectually weak and not focused to love women, the target is to marry women who are not virgins are for the shortfall necessities of life by utilizing materials that are owned by women. Had the woman not sufficient material, it will be a slave woman shrouded without their knowledge.
Men who are innocent with dominant feelings than reason and do not understand the meaning of the crown of women, namely virginity. Once knowledge has been owned, consciousness will arise and lead to a sense of love has faded. Hatred will begin to appear, and the glory of the attitudes and actions no longer given to women who are not virgins. If the wedding plans have been made, the wedding will be canceled. If already married to those who understand the laws of marriage, then the marriage bond is legally entitled to be canceled because there has been a fraud in his status on marriage written document archiving virgin.
Men who are too often ruin the sanctity of women by way menzinai virgin female. This group is generally not concerned with virginity for a life partner is legitimate and official. These groups are hereditary adultery maintain and preserve for future generations. Pairs of men are women who figured philosophical equivalent of a female dog (English: bitch). Not surprisingly, in English, the bitch is called a bitch (female dog).
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